wallowing in dirt

from alone by intricated



wallowing in dirt

God, why should i
why should i fall in love again
it'll just hurt me
why not send joy instead of pain
God, i can't understand you
and why should i
but what's the meaning of this
throwing me from pain to pain
from bottom to bottom
and never to the top
to the top

there's no reason for doing this
what's the reason of all the pain
from grief to grief
again and again
God, why, i just ask why
what's the reason of the loneliness
of wallowing in dirt
of falling in love again and again
and again and again
why, why, why

i've never wanted any of this
never wanted to waste all this time
wasting all my life
on these nothings
God, what's the meaning of this life
this waste of space and energy
God, why create a life
for the waste of it
God, i've only got this life
so why do you waste it
maybe i've got an eternity
but if it's like this
i wouldn't want it anyway
i don't want this waste
or what you call it
what do you really call it


from alone, released December 27, 2007


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