out of the grey

from chromological opacity by ξ



out of the grey

there’s a man at my door
this giant, this monster
trying to force me to open my door
and my hands are getting sweaty
and my arms are getting weak
and my legs are going tired
as i’m falling down the peak
and i don’t know who to turn to
and i don’t know who are there
but i don’t dare to find you
though you could be almost anywhere

and the monster keeps on pushing
and i’m scared to let him in
knowing what he can do to me
knowing what’ll happen if he wins
he’ll take me to a desert grey savannah
with no·one in sight
leaving me with bread and water
leaving me to fight
against no·one
against everything
leaving me to fight the devil
leaving me to fight myself

so if only i can keep him away
so if only i can stay happy
if only i stay sane
if only i can stay happy

please, somebody save me


from chromological opacity, released June 30, 1996
written and composed by lukas·ex
programming and vocal by lukas·ex


all rights reserved



silentbeing Denmark

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